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Mike, Bev and Monty’s story…

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Mike, Bev and Monty’s story…

Monty was a surprise to everyone, most of all Mike.  One day I turned up at his work and held up this little ball of fluff and said.  “I’ve done something you won’t like.”  Mike’s immediate response was to ask if I had had a car crash and was bemused by the cute black and white bundle in my hands.

The shop where I got Monty had been giving him ‘expensive’ vet approved dry food and I couldn’t understand why he could clear a room with his wind and that his poops were runny.

Whilst on a trip to Auckland we came across a shop dedicated to raw feeding. After asking an infinite number of questions we decided to give raw feeding a try and within days we could breath again.  Monty took to it like a duck to water.

When we came home we looked for a supplier whose meat didn’t include preservatives, additives or grains and found Carnivoro an MPI licenced company providing premium wild raw meat blends based on the Prey Model Diet.

Monty has been on raw for 4 years now (well all his life really) and still loves it.  No more room clearing wind, his poops are smaller and well formed, he has great muscle tone, great breath and a silky coat.  He has an awesome temperament and we can take him anywhere. We attribute this to his body being healthy inside and out.

We now have gained another dog, two cats and two kittens, all of them on raw and all of them very healthy.

I truly believe that correct raw feeding is the way to go, but don’t take my word for it, let your cats and dogs try it and find out for yourself.

We aim to provide friendly advice, information and on-going support in
natural feeding solutions for the health and well being of your cats and dogs

About The Cats and Dogs Dinner Company

Our names are Bev and Mike and we are passionate about animals and their health and well-being. Making the experience of purchasing your pets food as pleasurable and informative as possible is what we love to do. We know the benefits of raw food are vast and look forward to you and your pets gaining all the advantages that our products offer.

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