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Bully Sticks 15cm

What are bully sticks?

  • Bully sticks are a medium density chew for dogs and are suitable for all dogs (except dogs with a beef allergy)
  • They are ideal for puppies who are starting to chew, but can’t quite manage tougher treats
  • They are also good for the older dog with fewer teeth
  • They are a healthy and nutritious single-sourced protein chew
  • The gentle abrasive action of the chew helps to maintain good dental health
  • High in protein, low in fat treat


A bit of Trivia for you. 

What is a weasand?

The technical term for a bully stick is a weasand. A weasand is the the oesophagus or windpipe of (in this case) a cow.

The name weasand comes from Middle English (wesand) and the Old High German (weisunt) meaning windpipe. Sometimes it is written wezand.