Variety Meat Box | Medium – 7 Meats

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PMD = Prey Model Diet products
C = Classic meats range
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  Product Quantity
Possum & Hare
Possum & Turkey - 1Kg
Possu & Wallaby
Rabbit & Goat
Venison, Kangaroo & Tripe
Salmon & Lamb

Out of stock

Chicken & Liver 1.2Kg
Lambs Green Tripe 1.2Kg
Hoki & Chicken 1.2Kg

Temporarily unavailable

Beef Supreme
Turkey Mince 1.2Kg

Out of stock

Chicken & Vege Boost
Bone In Possum Pieces 800g
Turkey Necks 1Kg

Out of stock

Chicken Necks 1Kg
Veal Chunks
Whole Pilchards 1Kg
Salmon Fillets 1kg

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