SUPER SALE – Dried Venison Tongue 1Kg

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SUPER SALE – Dried Venison Tongue 1Kg

(For a limited time)

100% muscle meat.

Protein and mineral packed natural chew for dogs (and some cats)

Great for traveling with your pooch

Not only can they be used as treats, but are great for training as the pieces are small and light and fit in your pocket!


NZ Natural chew – NO preservatives, NO additives



SUPER SALE – Dried Venison Tongue 1Kg

Ingredients: Venison Tongue

A chewy treat rich in vitamins and minerals providing a gentler alternative to liver. This treat is suitable for all life stages, including pets with compromised dental health.

* All our dehydrated products come from NZ and our suppliers are MPI registered which means this product is of the highest quality

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Weight 80 g

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