Doyle enjoying his 1/4 of hare – don’t think it has ever taken the boys this long to eat dinner!

Lyn and Doyle

I just want to say how wonderful Bev, Mike &  Emma are.
We’ve been buying Auggie’s snacks & treats from Cats and Dog’s Dinner for 3 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
They’re very knowledgeable and I love the fact that their products are all made in NZ and natural without additives.
Auggie loves his Tweets , Lamb Trachea, Lamb Knuckle Chews & Roos Poos (Biscuits).  Due to having liver issues & being blind, I can give him these treats knowing they’re natural & a healthier choice.
Thanks for keeping Auggie happy & healthy

  Debbie & Auggie

Response to our new meat blends and new packaging

Ive been trailing the #7 an its a huge hit with both Teddy Bear (Mr Fussy) and Elmo Bear, I love the way I can take it out frozen when I wake up and within 3/4hour its thawed enough for them to gobble without having to thaw it overnight, and its heaps easier to store in my little freezer!! Well Done! 🙂 The product looks so much fresher than the boxed product and no gagging smell like a % of the boxed can be sometimes – excluding the tripe. I’m definitely sold on the new product range!
Andrea & Earl


Earl, Andrea, Teddy Bear & Elmo Bear

Earls Body Shop

“We have used ‘The Cats and Dogs Dinner Company’ for over a year now.  Our three dogs not only love it, but thrive on it!  The Duck necks are a favorite in our house and great for their teeth.  We love knowing that we are feeding our dogs what they’re meant to eat, with no added extras.  We don’t eat fillers and plastics, why should our pets.”

“Beverly and Mike make pet food fun and easy.  Mike’s always reliable and delivers for such a good price.   It’s worth a trip up to Raumati to look through their wares and have a good ol chat! Friendly and helpful, I’d highly recommend them to any pet owners”



Heidi, Bounce, Holly and Gravel

Hi, Mandy here,

I have two gorgeous dogs …Charlie who is a boxer-cross (now nearly 3 years old) who was brought up totally on kibble, until about a year ago. And Sapper, a German Shepherd (now nearly a year old) who was also fed on kibble.

I was always looking for ‘THE’ ultimate kibble for my dogs and discovered Black Hawk. Having said that, I also knew that raw meat was a good thing to give your dog too. So, having found a better kibble I also found ‘THE” best place to buy my raw meat.… The Cats & dogs dinner company .

I knew that feeding both kibble and raw was not the best but I was really nervous about making the switch to complete raw feeding, after all, I had a hardened kibble feeder and a large puppy!! After doing my research, I realised that what I was doing to my dogs by feeding both, was messing with their digestive system and not very good for their health…so…….I bit the bullet.

I now have two, very, very healthy dogs, with awesome coats, gleaming teeth and healthy gums, less poos (they utilize most of the food) and are both lean and in peak condition. Thanks to The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company who provide a professional, friendly service with frozen meat of high quality following the Prey Model Diet (80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% organ meat) and with meaty bones and an amazing variety of hand made treats. You have to go and see for yourself…..…..and if you are wondering whether to go all raw…..do it! Its the best decision I made for my dogs.

Both Bev and Mike are the friendliest people, ready to help and have time to give that personal touch. Thank you both so much.

Love.… Mandy, Ant , Charlie and Sapper (the cats love it too) x

Charlie, Mandy and Sapper

Hi Beverly here is our dog Te Quila getting a marshmallow treat.
She loves her raw rabbit & chicken or salmon & chicken dinners with the added benefit of helping with her itchy skin.
Thank you.
Angela smith & Te Quila

Angela & Te Quila

”Gizmo is a changed dog since his new raw diet from the Cats & Dogs Dinner Co’ he no longer has his itchy skin condition and his health and weight are ideal, the bonus is he absolutely loves all the flavours but Rabbit and Chicken are his favourite

Chantal & Gizmo


Doyle enjoying his venison gullet

Lyn & Doyle

I discovered Beverley and “The Dogs Dinner Company” recently, and I could certainly see the benefits of changing my two Shetland Sheepdogs and two Birman cats over to a raw diet. My Shelties love their salmon and lamb, and my cats have taken to the salmon, hoki and duck! There’s a great range to choose from and Beverley’s got good advice on changing a pet onto a raw diet.

The doggies and I love to visit Beverley’s retail store, and pick out some tasty treats. Both the doggies and cats are trying the various biscuits/treats available. Beverley has sourced biscuits/treats which are natural and do not contain any unnecessary additives. Our pets love them.

Beverley’s retail shop is well worth visiting, and her business is a wonderful addition to the Kapiti Coast”.


We had gone to Wellington for the weekend and met a really nice guy at the Underground Market there. We picked up treats for the dogs, to bring back to Ashburton. Max and Kharn LOVED them. If I could add sound effects it would go something like, “nom nom nom!” 

Kirsten, Max & Kharn

Goodmorning, last Saturday morning I was at the paraparaumu market and bought a whole bunch of chews for my lab border collie cross. I also tried the deer antler and the lady who was working asked me to let her know how I got on with it. Bella is a big chewer and so I was expecting it to be gone by now. Instead it looks like it’s been barely touched, despite her having a go at it every night since I got it out for her on Sunday. So can you please pass on to the lady that was working that I have a feeling it is going to last forever and is a great long lasting chew for the ones who love to bite and chew ???? Your products are awesome and when I am in the area visiting family, it’s always a must that we go to the market to get more of your products. So thank you! ????. Samantha


After lots failed experiments, including ‘premium’ processed dog food and ‘prescription’ diets, I stumbled upon the virtues of raw when I was researching my pup’s health issues. Calling Bev was a big step and the best phone call I have ever made for my pets. Instantly Archie went from reluctantly eating when he was absolutely starving to wolfing down his food and licking the bowl clean. It felt like I was feeding him proper dog food for the first time. His skin cleared up, his coat became shiny, his mood and energy levels lifted, his poos became solid and small – it was wonderful to see him so happy. When Cleo crashed into our life from a shelter she must have thought she’d landed in heaven! Not only did this house come complete with doggy company, human affection, lots of exercise, plenty play but it also fed raw meat, raw bones and tripe. People comment on their physiques, coats and teeth, and the fact that they don’t have a ‘doggy’ smell – it’s all down to raw. The three cats are also fully raw now and the purring chorus starts half an hour before feeding time. Happy animals, happy humans. Thank you Bev and Mike, don’t ever stop doing what you do please, as we could never go back to kibble. You’ve helped us to give our pets such healthy, happy lives.
Donna, John, Archie, Cleo, Hidey, Marble and Otto
Donna, John, Archie, Cleo, Hidey, Marble and Otto

Hi Beverley!

The team at Dogs Dinner Company are fantastic! I always receive exceptional service no matter what my query, even if i’m ordering last minute they are very understanding and helpful.
I have 3 cats, (2 adults and 1 kitten) who all really enjoy the raw food. So far their favourite is a chicken, liver, salmon and possum (i think) mix. They weren’t so keen on the tripe, but I think they’re just a bit fussy.
The food is excellent quality, keeps my fur kids happy and has helped fix a few health problems too!
I would definitely recommend The Dogs Dinner Company to anyone looking to get their pet the best food possible.

Coco enjoying a chew treat from The cats and dogs dinner company 

Olivia & Coco

Hi Mike & Beverley,

Great news! Daisy is now eating the real cat food I purchased from you.

On Friday last week, I put the food beside her normal food. She ate the junk food, and then after a run ate the real food. And after a few days of that I just give her the real food and she tucks straight in!

Didn’t take long at all. Thanks for all your help


Tatanya & Daisy

Hi Beverly and Mike

My Mum met you a few weeks ago at Frank Kitts Underground Market. I love the game she is feeding me it is delicious and the chicken necks are a great chewy crunch. She also shared it with some of her friends cats and they loved it too. See you next weekend.

Meowser meow Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

On your marks…..get ready…….

The one on the left is Elmo he’s 11yrs old the one on the right is Teddy and he’s 12yrs old, both in fantastic health since moving to your products. The reason for the change to raw food was Teddy not being in great health, old age, mobility in his neck was stiff but since we changed his diet and added other things, like milk thistle and probiotics, the odd egg, organic coconut oil, Tumeric, diatomaceous earth (not all at the same time and not every day) and no gluten, Teddy’s health has improved 100% since moving to your raw dog good range.


Elmo & Teddy Leader

Hey guys!

Thanks again! They love the food so much, the trick now is stopping them from eating it so fast!
Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the other products. Mike had a look at Kash’s rash on his belly which was preventing him from getting a good nights sleep, and raw skin from the constant scratching. 1st day I gave him a wash with the medicated shampoo, and have since applied the “make it better butter”, once in the morn and once in the eve. His rash has almost completely gone! He woke up the first morning literally jumping around my bedroom, obviously from a decent nights sleep. I am very happy with these products and the service I have had from you guys! 🙂

Syrah & Kash

I bought my dog Alfie, 2 venison hooves from The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company at the Paraparaumu Beach market this morning. He is loving the hoof which has kept him busy all day. I will return to buy more next weekend. NZ made and a local business, a magic combination!

Debra Clouston

I love all the different varieties that are offered. I got the Vension, Alpaca & Rabbit, Rabbit & Goat, and Rabbit & Chicken and couldn’t believe how shiny my dog’s coat became. She absolutely loves this meat!

Kerri Burn

We tried some of the cubes out this week and I can safety say my puppy is a fan! Never a great eater of kibble she now grins at me while preparing her meal and cleans the bowl several times to ensure every last scrap has been captured! Highly recommend – we will be ordering regularly.

Lucy Possenniskie

Carol and Roxanne’s Story

Hi Beverley,

Just to thank you and the ‘CATS & DOGS DINNER COMPANY’ for providing such a good product and excellent service with your great range of freshly frozen meat..

As you know, our matriarch Boston Terrier Roxanne [CH Balgarvie Justa Playgirl], has inflammatory Bowel Disease [IBD] and has been put on a diet of just Venison, so your Fiordland Minced Venison and Liver is ideal for her. The packaging is also great as I can just defrost one cube at a time for her each day.

The rest of the Bostons love the Westcoast Hoki, Chinnook Salmon and grain fed duck minced cubes, the green tripe goes down a treat as well. We are looking forward to trying some of your new lines with the next delivery.

Thanks again,

Carol Wallington


Carol & Roxanne

Daisy, 3 year old and Poppy 8 year old huntaways.

For about 18 months now we have been feeding these two a staple diet of the raw food selections of different meats , full of all the good stuff they need

Our vet has finally conceded they are the picture of health and vitality without any veterinary formula processed biscuits, even our friends comment on it.

After loosing our last dog to leukemia we were both determined to give these two  a diet at least as much thought as our own (if you’re going to have them you have to love them!) and the raw food diet just makes simple natural sense.
Bev & Mike run a great business and your both lovely people, all the best and on-going success. Thank you for our dogs wonderful health

Jeremy & Katherine

Jeremy & Katherine

Hi Bev and Mike,

Thank you so much for Saturday.

It was great to sit down and chat with you about different options for Rory.

Well after trying to bury his bone twice on the way home in the boot of the car, we have learnt that he LOVES the venison bone.

He DEMOLISHED it once we got home on Saturday night (both knobs on the end were pulled off and chewed, and then the rest of the bone stripped back and thoroughly chewed), he then proceeded to bury it 3 times yesterday in our garden before bringing it in again this morning to have another gnaw on.

We are so happy to see the enjoyment it has brought him, and to know that he now definitely knows what to do with a bone 🙂

He is also very excited at meal time, including licking everything around his bowl just encase anything was missed.

Thank you once again for all your help, and have attached a few photos of Rory having a good old chew on his favourite bone.

Anna and Mike

Echo loves his venison leggings! An excellent purchase 🙂

Ruth & Echo

Here is Sozo enjoying the rabbit and chicken!

Sam & Sozo

I would totally recommend the quality products that Beverley offers the cats and dogs of the lower North island!

My Clifford’s fav is the Tripe and Possom bites!

He is always eager for his dinner (typically ) – when I first got home with his new food from Bevs he was SO happy as he seemed to know this new food was for him!! Plus he loves to play with his new pal, Monty!

We feel very blessed to have found some yummy food plus Beverley is always very helpful and friendly.

ELAMORE Healing & Massage


Hey Bev and Mike,

Thank you so much for all your help.

Rory is doing really well! He absolutely loves his new food, even licking the bowl, mat and sometimes the wall clean (just incase some may have splattered there).

The only problem we have now is trying to keep him out of the kitchen while we are preparing it 🙂

We have also noticed an improvement in his bowel motions, which is great.

Rory loved his venison bone, he absolutely loved pulling everything off it and chewing on it. It kept him entertained for hours, and he still has a little left which he is often found gnawing on.

We are so happy to see how such a small change can make him so happy! We will definitely be back for more food and venison bones.

Have attached a few photos of the not-so-little one 🙂

Hope you are all well.



About 3 weeks ago I ventured down to Wellington from the big smoke and bought some of your antlers for my pooches to chew on and the popcorn chicken treats, which by the way my dogs absolutely love.  They haven’t lost interest in the antlers, so I haven’t had to boil them in any broth to flavour them at all.
Kind regards,
Trish, Macey & Toby

Thanks Bev,

Our ‘Ted’ just loves your products and services.. he’s a massive fan of just about everything we try (he’s not fussy)
From a personal point of view, its great to support a local business that takes pride in looking after our furry family members.
I also really like the new easy to store packaging of the dog food, so convenient to keep and open each night.

Bria & Luna

It was good to see you at the DAWG show this weekend and thank you for the raffle prize, the dogs are loving the chews and bikkies.

The Chicken and Salmon mince was a hit for dinner tonight, happy dogs in our house today!


Jane Aukett

Hi guys,
Truly thank-you! We love dealing with you guys.
When we welcomed Leo into our family the breeder recommended a raw food diet…we didnt really know where to begin. Luckily we discovered Cat & Dog Dinner Co! The advice has been amazing and the service is nothing but outstanding! As for the product itself Leo loves the Chicken & Rabbit mince for dinner, looses control when the Tripe blocks are on the menu and the Bull Chews have his mouth watering & keep him occupied for hours. Just 2 days ago our vet commented on how well & healthy our boy is looking.
Thanks Bev & Mike!
Nicky, Hamish & Leo (Rhodesian Ridgeback)
Nicky, Hamish & Leo